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3rd March 1978, Miguel Angel Teijido Parra was born in Santiago de Chile. Schooled in Colegio Don Bosco, Miguel had his first tattoo aged just 15, as a rebellion against the conservativeness of the school. The following year he started his apprenticeship as a tattoo artist with 'Justiciero', surrounded by his motorcycling crowd. At the age of 18 Miguel opened his first tattoo studio 'Mad House' in Quilpue, which attracted many characters from the metal scene of central Chile.
Determined to tattoo mainly custom work, he studied Graphic Design at the University DuocUC in Valparaiso and obtained his degree with Distinction in 2002.

Miguel travelled to the U.S. for the first time in 2001 and, not wanting to leave, went to work at 'Ink Addiction inc.' in Fort Lauderdale where he met Steve Moon, a great colour tattoo artist, as well as Larry Flynt Jr. whom he tattooed. This experience greatly improved Miguel's knowledge of other styles of tattooing such as American old school and pinups, and it enabled him to try his new colour skills using American inks. As well as working in the studio, Miguel visited his first international tattoo conventions, attending a seminar with Lyle Tuttle in New York, and admiring the works of Borneo Head Hunter, Horiyoshi III, The Leu´s Family, Tin-Tin and many more greats at a convention in Massachusetts.
After these experiences, Miguel decided to take his discoveries back to his homeland where he created an original concept with his body-modifying partner, Nicolas 'Maracaibo'; their shop 'Primitive' was a huge success. With its unique rooted style and atmosphere, it attracted locals who wanted something different as well as travellers looking for a professional studio with authentic designs.

In 2003 Miguel travelled to Europe for the first time. He chose to work in Hamburg as a guest artist in 'Flammend Herz', a shop which had inspired his curiosity for its unique machine inventions by the owner Albert Cornelissen Jr, son of Albert Cornelissen, an ancestor in the world of tattooing. Miguel returned to Chile with yet more foreign knowledge and continued running 'Primitive' until 2006.However, soon the itch to travel was too much and Miguel was off yet again, this time to the Canary Islands where he worked with 'Renato Tattoos'. This move marked a return to an old friendship and another virgin territory for Miguel. Being back in Europe gave him the opportunity to visit the 2nd International London Tattoo Convention in 2006, which was an eye opener to Eastern styles of tattooing as well as Eastern European artists.

After only a year of island life, Miguel decided to move to Barcelona, a city he had always wanted to live in, attracted by the buzz of art and its culture in general. He worked from his home studio for two years but found he missed working and learning with other artists. Miguel therefore decided to move to London to join 'Ouch!', a studio that enabled him to work on many different styles with a variety of talented artists and share his knowledge with apprentices Craigy Lee and Chris Hatch. After three years of great input at 'Ouch!' Miguel decided to move and join one of the oldest and most renowned studios in London, the finest Barry Louvaine, where he worked for a year before then moving to 'Shangri-la Parlour', a studio with a team of the highest caliber artists in London. After a few months here Miguel decided to go back to West London and joined TLC Tattoo, a new studio, where he enjoyed working for 18 months before setting up shop for himself.

Latin Angel Studio, in the beautiful area of Richmond Hill was born in 2013 and Miguel has been successfully growing his business there ever since. Latin Angel Studio has hosted some great guest artists from around the world, and currently has two talented artists working alongside Miguel. After much hard work over the Christmas period the studio received a long-awaited refurbishment of the upper floor and can now accommodate twice as many customers as before - not bad for its first 3 years in business!

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